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Tip of the Day Stocks First, Bonds Later

Stocks First, Bonds Later - One of the most common mistakes made by investors today is age. Yep, that is right. You should invest in the stock market...

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Investing Glossary - Q

    Quadruple Witching Hour

    Quadruple Witching Hour - The Quadruple witching hour by definition is a referral to the final Friday of each of the four consecutive quarters (March, June, September and, December) of any given year. Four times a year the stock futures and, market index options, stock options and, market index futures all come to a cutoff point. This is done systematically to be able to analyze the growth patterns or growth failures of any given stock of companies investing in the stock market. This is a smoothly run systematic operation that occurs within the final hour of trading, between three and,...

    Qualifying Share

    Qualifying Share - Qualifying share is the share acquired by an individual from an employee. If the company is your employer, the share available from the employee's share is ordinary shares. After the share acquisition has gone through you do not hold a legal interest of more than 5% of the shares. In turn the individual is not in a position to cast or control the casting of more than five percent of the votes in the company involved. It is the share of stock that needs to be in possession in order for someone to be an issuer of...

    Qualitative Analysis

    Definition: Qualitative analysis is a way to analyze companies by focusing on their business models, as opposed to financials and other quantitative measures. Advice: When doing qualitative analysis, investors ask themselves questions like the following: 1.) Does this...

    Qualitative Research

    Qualitative Research - Qualitative research described as economic research in areas that are not usually associated with mathematical information. This type of research based on the assumption that the players involved, such as managers, chief executive officers, chief financial officers are susceptible to misnomers. Sometimes based on an individual's particular point of view, numbers can be changed and, rearranged to suit the outcome that the company is trying to achieve. Major management practices in all companies and, corporations need overhauled from time to time to see the record keeping is not sliding off course due to numbers artificially inserted to...

    Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance - Referred to commonly as QA, it centers around a declaration, assertion of confidence, surety and policies providing insurance and reassurances, in suitability, reliability and working as it should, made, provided for the purposes and needs that its was designed, intended and manufactured, sold/bought for. Ensuring that all customer, consumer needs are met to specification and satisfaction is what it is all about.  Making things to last, add value, be good product, items and units, consistently, right the first time, suitable to its goals, aim, no mistakes or defects is the undertaking and commitment.  To ensure that you...

    Quality of Earnings

    Definition: Quality of earnings is usually mentioned when referring to earnings announcements. Advice: Companies whose earnings are largely the result of their operations are said to have high quality earnings.  Companies who generate a lot of earnings through murky...

    Quant Fund

    Definition: Quant funds use lots of math to decide what stocks to invest in.  The portfolio managers tend to have math backgrounds, as opposed to finance and accounting degrees. Advice: Quant funds are thought to have a smaller correlation...

    Quantitative Analysis

    Quantitative Analysis - Quantitative analysis is a very unique specialized technique that tries to find understanding with behavior by incorporating very multifaceted modeling involving statistics and, mathematics. A variety of given variables are then assigned a numerical number but, not necessarily a numerical value for the sole purpose of valuation. By the use of this particular method a financial wizard of sorts can then make the attempt to replicate through mathematics what the reality should be. There are a variety of reasons why this practice is being conducted in the business world. It is a plausible form of measurement, evaluation...

    Quasi-Public Corporation

    Quasi-Public Corporation - Quasi-public Corporations has its roots into the private sector of the vast empirical financial world. It possesses a public mandate to provide a service of value, sanctioned by a branch of the government. Interestingly enough most of these types of corporations grew its roots as a branch of government and, then grew and, expanded to reach into the public sector. Now as an official separate entity in its own right finds it must compete with other long standing business that have always been. It is not unusual to find individual investors gaining exposure and, becoming involved with...

    Quick Ratio

    Definition: A ratio that measures a company's ability to meet its current liabilities with its liquid assets. TeenAnalyst Advice: It's important that a company be able to pay their debts and other liabilities.  When using a quick ratio, it's a good rule of thumb that a healthy company should have at least a ratio of 1.0....

    Quiet Period

    Definition: A quiet period is instituted on all new IPO's that prohibit companies from talking about their stock. Advice: The quiet period is meant to ensure that companies don't manipulate their stock prices.  This quiet period typically lasts 90...

    Quote Size

    Quote Size - Quote size are the number of shares being offered on the market for sale or, buying at a given bid price. There is no set price for a share of stock as this is stock that is up for auction and, bid. We are not just discussing the buying of a few shares of stock but of mass quantities of stocks in the thousands. The pressure on the stock price itself will come into play as the bidding begins. Many financial analysts try to estimate which way a stock is going to go and, that will determine...

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    Definition of the Day Ticker Symbol

    Definition: The symbol for a company's stock. TeenAnalyst Advice: The symbol can represent either an abbreviation for a company's name ("GE" is General Electric) or it can be something totally different.  For example, Southwest Airlines' symbol is "LUV."The longer you've been investing, you'll find that you can recall the ticker symbols...

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