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Tip of the Day Get the Most Bang for Your Airline Miles

Get the Most Bang for Your Airline Miles - Just because you are taking a holiday doesn't mean you shouldn't shop around. You may have plans to visit a...

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    Small Business Administration

    Small Business Administration - SBA stands for the Small Business Administration of the United States. The government agency was founded in July, 1953. Largely in response to economic turmoil and aftermath, from the major Depression and World War II. It is a program and support, to assist as well as protect small businesses. Their mandate centers around maintaining and empowering, strengthening economy, by assisting and protecting interests and investments in/of small businesses  (helping families recovering from disasters). This body provides government grants, sponsorships, contracts, loans, advisory services for target-audiences like minorities, veterans and women.  Supporting entrepreneurism in a variety of ways, job and opportunity creation, new revenue streams driven by ambitious self-employed, small business owners have representation and value-adding support, training, counselling, guidance to take full advantage of.

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    Definition of the Day Purchasing Power

    Purchasing Power – This refers to the strength and buying muscle, ability and resources, (as measured by quantity/quality  of products/services it can afford/buy. Where the real buying strengths, resources, control and command, ability, agility and procurement lie for and in the business. What is the ability to buy, pay for,...

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