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Mutual Funds
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S&P 500

Definition: An index of five hundred major stocks.  This is considered a benchmark for mutual funds because fund managers want to outperform this index.

TeenAnalyst Advice: As mentioned, this is essentially the benchmark for investors and mutual funds to beat.  When someone says they "beat the market," they're usually referring to earning a higher return than the S&P 500.

The S&P 500 is not an equal-weighted index like the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  Instead, it's market cap weighted.  This means that the bigger companies make up more of the index.


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If you've been researching the stock market for a while, then you have probably heard talk about mutual funds by now. Mutual funds are extremely popular among investors. The size of the fund will fluctuate because if an investor wants to sell their shares, the mutual fund has to pay them in cash right away.

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