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Supervoting Stock

Supervoting stock - Supervoting stock is also known as control stock. Supervoting stock is a type of common stock, which allows its shareholders the right to have more votes per share, than would be normally be available for shareholders. This way the shareholders can retain their level of control in the company without having to go out and purchase more shares just for the power of the vote that will give the shareholder more clout at the board level for his/her interests in corporate activities. Usually the votes are issued in multiples of 10 but they do not have to be. Giving the insiders this extra power becomes extremely important in times of a hostile takeover and the shareholders can vote against the actions without actually having in their possession more than half of the company shares.

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Supervoting stock is a type of common stock,

Consumer TriplePlay said:

Through this article I have heard about this super voting stock. This post will really helpful for one who wishes to invest their money as shares. Through this article we can familiar with this term and I wish to update more terms that are related to the share market.

CCCHC Clinic said:

That was informative to know how shareholders can retain their level of control in the company without having to go out and purchase more shares with the help of supervoting stocks. As a beginner in share market your posts had been a great help for me.

custom countertops said:

I have gone through your post and came to know about this super voting stock. I think this piece of information would be useful to all shareholders. Could you please update more information regarding this? Eagerly waiting for your updated post to know it.

Home Care Pricing said:

Those companies which are dealing with the different stock values will be very aware of the different stocks and the changes in the stock values. The shareholders should be very aware of the change in the value that can help in the change in the amount invested.

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There are many companies and persons who deal with stock marketing business. This is one of the most profitable investments if you know well about the stock marketing industry. Thanks for helping us know about different stocks and the changes in the stock values.


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Fund raising is a problem solving issue every company is now paying more attention towards it. It has different set of plans and goals.

EHR systems said:

Isn't suporvoting stocks the deciding stocks. I mean, i thought that the supervoting stocks were the stocks and shares that the highest share holder is entitled to. Maybe i was wrong.

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The piece of information which you have provided here helped me to get more information about supervoting stock. Since I have an assignment based on this stock, this piece of information is very useful for me. Thank you. Expecting more useful blogs like this.

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