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Mutual Funds
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Tip of the Day Stocks are High Risk, High Reward

Stocks are High Risk, High Reward - Stocks when used properly and taken out on a long-term basis usually return more than more investments in dividends, although are really risky...

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Surplus Spending Units

Surplus spending units - Super spending units refers to either an individual or a group the will provide funding to deficit spending units, which are brokers and dealers and other entities which require a fee for their services through the financial markets; in this case stock exchanges. The surplus spending units, in this instance would be investors who will provide the funds to deficit spending units in order to obtain the ownership of securities. Surplus spending units are any person or entity, which earns more or brings in more than it spends. Therefore in the case of the stocks and bonds acquisitions, it now has the money to be able to afford them.

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Definition of the Day Back-End Load

Back-end load - A back-end load is a fee such as a sales charge or a commission, which investors pay when selling their mutual funds within a certain number of years, which is usually 5 or 10 years. The fee will be a percentage of the value that is being...

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