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Tip of the Day If You Don't Understand How An Investment Works, Don't Buy It

If You Don't Understand How An Investment Works, Don't Buy It - One of the most common mistakes made by people is buying things that they don't understand, and that...

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Trailing P/E

Trailing P/E - It is the ratio of the price/ earnings, they used it to show the most recently completed quarter of financial statements. Is a measuring tool to see the price of a stock or a bond and how it was sold and at what price to receive a related idea on what the projected earnings showed complied to what the price/ earrings showed in the completed quarters. The ratio looks like this the P/E ratio= top line is the price of the share; the bottom line is the annual earning per share. This gives an investor an idea is the share will be a high output or a low output in completed four quarters.


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Definition of the Day Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Employee Stock Ownership Plan - an Employee stock ownership plan is a trust by a corporation to its employees. It is a plan to make the employees part owners of the company by allowing them to purchase shares of the company. Contributions are made by the employee to the...

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