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Tip of the Day Pay Your Bills On Time

Pay Your Bills On Time - We all get behind on our bills every once in a while, but when it becomes a constant practice it starts to cost us...

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Investing Glossary - Y

    Yankee Bond

    Definition: A yankee bond is a bond issued by foreign institutions in the United States.  These bonds are denominational in the form of dollars. More in depth: Issuance in the Yankee bond market is dependent on a few factors, such as U.S. interest rates ...

    Year-End Bonus

    Year-End Bonus – These are part of employee recognition and rewards systems. Some refer to them as holiday bonuses and they are extra, not to be expected. Whether the metrics and criteria for securing/awarding it are hours billed, % sales, portion of the profits, it is to be shared, savoured and enjoyed by those whom receive it.  It is taxed at higher rates in higher bracket. Sometimes these are paid out in the beginning of the following year (January/February), with tax-filings in April. Additional compensation paid at the end of the year, above and beyond other recognition, performance, raises and...

    Year-end Price

    Year-end price - The year-end price is the value that is noted for stock on the last trading day of the calendar year. Also known as year-end price is the price that is noted at the end of a fiscal year. Often the year-end price is the the starting price of this stock at the start of the new calendar year, when trading starts again after the holiday season. Usually these values don't differ. Still; the last calendar year day on which stock can be traded is December 31st; the stock markets re-open on January second in the new year....


    Definition: In bonds, this is the rate of return based on a bond's interest rate.  It's not a true measure of the value of the bond, though. TeenAnalyst Advice: A bond pays interest at a set rate.  This is called the yield.  However, a person can also make money on a bond based on capital gains. ...

    Yield Advantage

    Yield Advantage - A yield advantage is an extra amount of return that an investor will earn if he or she buys convertible securities of a certain company. This is compared to the common stock of that company. A yield is an annual rate of return on an investment, which is higher on convertible securities, compared to the common stock. Deduct from that the dividend yield to calculate the yield advantage. This advantage can vary every year, depending on the dividend rate that the company decides to pay out. Convertible stock...

    Yield Curve

    Definition: It's a graphical representation of the yields on bonds with various maturities.  It's gradually sloping upwards. TeenAnalyst Advice: The idea is that bonds with longer maturities pay higher interest rates.  When bonds with shorter maturities pay higher interest rates, the curve is sloping downward.  This is called an "inverted ...

    Yield-to-Maturity (YTM)

    Definition: In bonds, this is the rate of return if the bond is held until maturity.  It takes into account purchase price, redemption value, coupon rate, and time to maturity. More in depth: The yield-to-maturity differs from coupon rate because it takes more factors into consideration.  ...

    Y Shares

    Y Shares These are also called institutional shares and, therefore, are highly attractive to institutional investors. The great thing about these shares is that they are pretty safe, since institutions are relatively stable, and they also do not require 12b-1 fees to be paid. The downside is that there is usually a very high minimum investment, as many shares cost over 1 million dollars each. Therefore, only the extremely wealthy or large corporations can taken advantage of these safe returns. The lack of 12b-1 fees also appeals to these investors, since the...


    Definition: The Yuan is the Chinese form of currency.  It is divisible into 100 "fen" and is worth approximately $0.123 USD. Advice: The yuan is a very important currency because the Chinese economy is poised for explosive growth.  It's...

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    Definition of the Day Bid Price

    Definition: This is the highest price that someone is willing to pay to buy shares of stock.  This also means that this is the highest price you can expect to get for your shares of stock when selling them.  It is always lower than the ask price. TeenAnalyst Advice: Always look...

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