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Tip of the Day Build a Nest Egg that is 25 Times the Annual Investment Income You Need

Build a Nest Egg that is 25 Times the Annual Investment Income You Need - When it comes time to retire are you going to have enough money to live...

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Investing Glossary - Z


    Z-certificate - A Z-certificate is a certificate issued by the Bank of England. It is used instead of stock certificates to improve short term transactions. In fact a Z-certificate is a proof of ownership of stocks, when the investor is intending to keep them for a short time. Z-certificates are not available to all kinds of stocks, they can even expire after a limited time. This is to prevent inventors of miss-using them, as there is a higher rate of interest associated with this stock. The restrictions on this certificate helps preserve...

    Zero-coupon Bond

    Definition: A bond that doesn't pay interest but is sold at a deep discount.  The investor profits from the bond going up in value (kind of like a stock). Characteristics: Zero coupon bonds are sometimes issued as such or sometimes they're actual interest-bearing bonds ...

    Zero-sum Game

    Definition: Zero-sum games involve situations in which one person's gains are the result of another person's losses.  No wealth is created (or destroyed) in these games. Examples: Examples of zero-sum games include options and futures.  If a person makes money on an ...

    Zig Zag

    Zig Zag - A Zig Zag is an indicator, used in technical analysis. An indicator is data which provides information about how stock is performing in a certain situation. It helps investors to determine the most important movements in a security's chart. Movements are changes in price, value or rate of stock. A security's chart is a graph, used by technical analysts, which shows all the movements of stock in a certain period. The indicator filters out changes that are less than a certain percentage or amount. (An...

    Z Shares

    Z Shares These shares are offered to employees of the company of the fund and in many cases, are used as a bonus for these employees. In some cases, the employee will be given Z share options, rather than monetary bonuses or they can also be given the option of purchasing shares in the fund. In some cases, employees will purchase a certain number of these shares every year and use them as a retirement fund, which is one of the reasons why Z shares are so popular among employees. They are also...

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    Definition of the Day Financial industry regulatory Authority FINRA

    Financial industry regulatory Authority FINRA - Is self-regulatory organization that was founded in 2007 by a merger between the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and the New York Stock Exchange Regulation Incorporated. In which took on all responsibilities that were previously handled by the NASD. The company is responsible for...

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