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How to use Yahoo Stock Screener

For those who are beginning at researching stocks, it can seem to be a daunting task.  Thousands of stocks are trading every day in the main stock exchanges.  For U.S., there are few main exchanges:

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE): 2800 companies

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ): 3,300 companies

American Stock Exchanges (AMEX): bought by NASDAQ in 1998.

Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB): >10,000 companies

*the number of companies for each exchange is current as of 2014.

With this amount of companies, it’s understandable some people might think investing is way over their head, but it’s really not that complicated.  “Journey of a thousand miles start with a single step”  It gets easier when you understand the fundamental of investing.  

This article is going to give you a few tips on how to research a value company using Yahoo Stock Screener.  There are many out there, almost every online brokerage has one and many other financial websites, but in my opinion, Yahoo Screener is the most accessible and beginner user friendly one.  Google screener is also friendly as well, the similar principle appies

First you go to http://screener.finance.yahoo.com/stocks.html  If it doesn’t work for any reason, just search for Yahoo Stock Screener in any search engine and it should come up.  

Once you get in it.  It should look like this


Few things of note when evaluate a value of a stock.  I’m not going to go over every term on the screener, rather just the main ones you need to consider when you first use it for your research.   First of all, you can choose the category if you want to find a value stock in a certain industry, or else you can choose the default which is any industry.  You can also narrow the stock search in different index membership if you do wish.  It’s up to you.  I like to leave to be all inclusive which is Any.



What you want

Share Price:  

How much the price of the stock is currently trading as

For value stock, you want something minimum $1, preferably >$5, Any for Max

Market Cap:

How big the company is, basically number of shares * share price

For me, I prefer the market cap to be over $1 billion, prove that the company has enough support, but should be at least >500 millions

Dividend Yield:  

How much dividend does the company pay out to its investors as percentage of its stock price

Depend if dividend is what you look for.  For example some stock has good value, but they don’t pay out dividends, so depend on what you want

Profit Margin:  

How much profit is the company takes as profit in respect to its revenues. 


Depends on the industry, the margin can vary greatly.  Tech company should have 20% or more.  Other industry such as insurance would be lower, but should have at least positive margin

Price over earning (P/E):  

How cheap the stock is with respect to its earning.  

For me, set the Max to  15, but the lower the better!

Earning Per Share Growth(EPS Growth):  

Essentially how the company is doing compare to its past performance

It’s your choice to put a percentage on it, it should have at least a positive value for 1yr or 5 yr.

Price over Book (P/B):  

How much the company is worth on the book compare to the stock price.  

Lower the better.


Once you click on Find Stock button, the screener going to perform the search and give you all the stocks that met your criteria.  This is what I have


So I had 54 results that match my description.  I can top and click on it and the screener will rank it from top to bottom or vice versa.  For example, if P/E was more important to me, I’ll just go up and click on P/E on the top row and all the companies will organize by their P/E from low to high, or high to low if I click the P/E again.  Once you narrow it down to few stocks, you can look into them more by go the right most column where it has the Quote, chart, news, reports, and financials.  I will put up another article on how to decipher the information on the right column.  Good luck!  Please post comments below or contact the team at teenanalyst@gmail.com.

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