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American Equity Investment

American equity investment is that kind of an investment which would be able to trade in a stock market freely. These American Equity Investment could be of different kinds such as mezzanine capital, leveraged buyout, angel investing etc.

These equity investments are normally set up in the form of a limited partnership. They are controlled by the private companies that are also partners in the same limited partnership. This company also helps in encouraging the institutions as well as individuals in order to be able to invest in these private equity funds. In this way, investors tend to be limited partners, although it is the general partner to happens to control the entire management. When a partner has in mind that this particular investment could be feasible, it then asks the partner who is limited to invest accordingly the amount that has been guaranteed. The partner then happens to choose the portfolio of this partnership, when the funds for the purpose of investment is done by this limited partner. The investor, limited partner therefore makes his profit through mergers, sales, or through public offering.

The funds gotten through the private equity is considered to be crucial for the purpose of the growth as well as the development of the products

1)            The private funds are therefore used for the purpose of expanding the working capital

2)            These funds are considered to be useful especially when it comes to the acquisition as well as helping mergers

3)            These funds make a the balance sheet of the company a lot stronger and hence helping it develop

4)            It is an amazing way if you want to obtain these funds for the purpose of small businesses

5)            It is the general partner who runs the company, therefore the partner who invests or even a limited partner will not be able to interfere when it comes to managing the company


1)            Since these private funds are not actually open for the purpose of investing in the stock market, any person who might want to sell the stocks could find it hard to be able to find a buyer

2)            There could be a few limits when it comes to transfers

3)            Many individuals might not be able to afford the investments since they are very high

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The partner then happens to prefer the portfolio of this partnership, when the assets for the mean of finance is through by this narrow mate. The investor, constricted relative therefore makes his realize through mergers, sales, or through overt offering.

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