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Mutual Funds
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American Fund Investment

Before specifically knowing about the American fund investment one has to know what investment actually is. Investment could be defined as buying of a specific form of instrument (which are discussed later) with money or other forms of money with hope of fast and favorable return in the expected future.

Like ways, American fund investment is similar to any other fund investment in any other country. Before you invest into American funds, you must carefully analyze the following points:

1. The volatility of the instrument invested in,

2. Consideration of the various risks involved and a thorough knowledge about all of them. Risks can be of the following types: (a) risk of inflation (b) risk of fluctuating interest rates (c) risk of uncertainty (d) risk of principal uncertainty (e) risk of volatility (f) risk of credibility (g) risk of the liquidity of the instrument (h) risk of fluctuation of interest rate (g) risk of market condition.

3. You have to build a portfolio of the investment by jotting down the mix of instruments you are going to invest in. it depends on the time period within which you want the return to be feasible and also the amount of risk you are ready to take. It is always advisable for one to invest in multiple instruments so that it reduces the volatility.

There are basically two types of investment which are (i) mutual funds & (ii) variable annuities.

Mutual funds are basically a type of investment in which the goal of your investment which may vary from a specific purpose to a general accumulation are taken into consideration and then helps us to achieve this goal in the most favorable manner. There are several advantages of mutual funds which are as follows:

1. It helps in the management of investment in a professional manner. Management of any sort of investment would require a lot of time and patience which many of us do not have.

2. These sorts of investments have high liquidity and profitability.

3. There are a variety of these investment are pretty vast and hence the investor has a pool to choose from.

4. When you invest in mutual funds the re-investment by the company is into various other securities and hence they have high rates of return.

Variable annuities are basically a type of contract issued to convert your assets into revenue which would be too much to ask for by an insurance company. They are basically considered good for post retirement period due to the taxation benefits that they enjoy.

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