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Mutual Funds
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Tip of the Day Be Wary of Mutual Funds

Be Wary of Mutual Funds - Mutual funds for years have been a safe investment option if you are going to invest your money, but lately these investments are not...

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American Funds Investment

Americans understand the power of investing in their future and financial advisors will take an enormous amount of pressure off the individual to learn every aspect of investing. Financial advisors are especially trained to help investors get a grip on the pros and cons of investing, what options they have and the amount of risk involved in each venture and the expected return over time, keeping the risk in mind. American Funds Investment has been guiding investors through the shoals of investing for many years and is one of the most reliable financial investment firms in the world.

American Funds has numerous investment opportunities. Investors must realize that any investment has risks. The higher the risk, the higher the return, of course. The lower the risk, the lower the return. Below are some of the better investments offered by American Funds.

1. The American balanced fund is one of the most used funds on the market. It has a net asset value of 20.38 and has a focus of long term growth. This fund invests in stocks that show steady but regular gains over extended periods of time; hence it?s balanced approach to investing. It has a minimum investment of $250 and the year end is in December.

2. Another great fund is the Income fund of America. This fund invests in both the stock market and in bonds. It is also a slow growth, cautious fund with a net asset value of 21.61. The fund actually prefers convertible securities, both U.S. and non-U.S. securities and preferred stocks. It also has a minimum investment of $250 and dividends are paid to members quarterly.

3. If you are willing to take more risk in your investments then the New World fund may be what you are looking for. This fund specializes in investing in the securities of developing nations and varies it?s investment tactics to garner the highest possible return. The net asset value of New World fund is a huge 57.73 and the average return reflects this value.

Investing in any fund has it?s benefits and it?s risks. American fund has a very experienced team of asset managers whose job it is to track each investment and garner the highest possible return. If you do not have much experience investing it is best, at least in the beginning, to allow professionals to guide and counsel you on your investment options. American fund is one of the best funds at not only making sound investments but in helping it?s members understand what is going on behind the scenes.

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