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Capital Group Investment

Investment groups or even investment clubs refers to an investors group that manages to pool in their money to be able to make investments in bonds as well as stocks. Investing club members meet regularly in order to be able to exchange with each other investing ideas as well as increase each other's knowledge. This leads to a better process of decision-making. These clubs help individuals to make investments, which would otherwise be beyond their means.

Investment groups are of two types:

Group portfolio: In this case, decisions involving investment is taken by the entire group of members after doing enough research and making use of the voting system. These clubs manage to save taxes by forming partnerships or even firms with limited liability.

Self-directed investment: Regular meetings are conducted to share member ideas as well as views on the investment. Specific strategies are also discussed.

Investment clubs also require to be run democratically. Members must elect presidents, spokespersons, treasurers etc. They also vote on which investments to buy, which to hold and which to sell. Formal and informal channels of communication must be set up. The minutes of the meeting must also be recorded.

Investment clubs have many benefits:

1. The members are able to invest wisely. They rely on other member's experiences and expertise. Each member thus has an opportunity to be able learn something good and valuable from others.

2. Investment groups host seminars, lectures and symposiums which they get industry professionals to deliver. Members could also join hands with investment world through such events.

3. Club members can avail of discounts on club books and magazines.

4. Losses in investment are required to be borne by all members. Therefore, this way any sort of risk or burden is considerably reduced.

5. Referrals of accountants and lawyers can be obtained from other members.

Before joining an investment group, you should take stock of your finances. It is also a good idea to look at the club's charter. It should not be that the club is focusing on certain types of investments and your interests lie in completely different areas. It is important to meet the members, like, respect and be comfortable with them. You could also ask to see the minutes of the last few club sessions, and maybe even attend a few meetings before deciding to join. Look also at the club's bulletin. However, do be wary of clubs that members have turned into a place to sell goods and services. It is the number one reason why most members drop out.

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