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Capital Investment Market

Capital investment market is simply what the term signifies; a market where the capital is continued to be invested. Now there are 2 different types of markets in the financial arena, the money market and the capital investment market. There is a huge difference between them, in spite of the fact that they both deal with the finances in general.

The major difference between these 2 money markets and the capital investment market is the fact that the money market deals with the money in 3 different forms as listed out below:

* Treasury bills

* Commercial paper

* Certificates of the deposit

Similarly the capital investment market deals with 2 instruments as listed below:

* Stocks

* Bonds

So that sums up the prime difference. There are other differences too, like the time factor. The money market deals with the investments over a shorter period of time. The usual duration is for a period of 12 months or lesser. Whereas the capital investment market, deals with the investments on a longer duration of time like in excess of 12 months. The time factor is with regard to the maturity of the investments done in the respective markets.

The risk associated with the 2 different types of markets is quite diverse like the difference between chalk and cheese. But the money markets are definitely safer and tend to be quite comfortable to deal with because of this low risk factor of the investment. On the other hand the capital investment market, is definitely high risk, and of the high income type. The period of investment being longer, it means that the money the investor is putting in to the capital investment market, stays longer in the risky environment, but in case the capital investment market, is doing well, then it reflects back on the investment made by the investor. Simply put or to say it in simple words, the capital investment market, is definitely riskier and high danger, but when they do well, they can give the investor high returns on investment too. Die hard fans of the capital investment market; consider this high returns on the investment as a reward for the risks taken and the trust bestowed on the capital investment market. So what ever category of investors, you belong to, the low risk variety or the high risk variety, remember you need to collect lot of info before diving in to the deep sea.

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