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Corporate Investment Banking

Corporate investment banking will be conducted by an investment bank, which specializes in capital gain, trades securities on the stock exchange, and handles the procedure for mergers and acquisitions. Corporate investment banking generates funds for the bank by matching those willing to sell securities (the corporation in question), with the investors that are willing to buy them. Corporate investment banking will also include, issuing bonds, and handling both equity and debt in the various markets. Corporate investment banking will use such strategies as credit default swaps. Corporate investment banking is done through a licensed broker/dealer in the United States.

Before the 1980's corporate investment banking was a separate entity from the usual commercial banks, while other countries of the world did not make that distinction. The commercial banks maintained two different sides of banking, the "sell side" for the securities on the stock market and the "buy side" for such things as mutual funds. Corporate investment banking is partitioned into different divisions; front office, middle office and bank office. The large corporate investment banking firms will handle all activities while smaller firms such as Boutique investment banks and smaller brokerages/dealers will handle only sales trading, research and investment banking.

The Front Office activities involved with corporate investment banking is the traditional raising of capital for their clients. Some aspects of corporate investment banking in the Front Office include mergers and acquisitions. Another term for this type of corporate investment banking is called corporate finance and there is the group dealing with mergers and acquisitions The corporate investment banking interests will include key industry focus on for example, the healthcare sector and there is a separate division for product coverage, such as mergers and acquisitions, equity and high graded debts, and leverage finance. The two divisions will work together to provide the best package for the client. In terms of sales and trading there are further divisions: sales and trading, research, custody and agencies, which provide the management of cash, hedge funds, lending and more. There are also investment management divisions and Merchant banking.

The Middle Office of the corporate investment banking activities is involved with risk management activities. The finance division will oversee the risk management activities. The Compliance division is responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations regarding trading on the stock market. The Back Office functions in corporate investment banking will look at the trading activities checking for errors and the IT department will be included in this Office. These jobs are the less paying in the corporate investment banking field but are nonetheless important for the industry. However, if you are looking for a secure career in the corporate investment banking sector these jobs are the most secure.

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