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Global Investment Management

Global investment management firms are being criticized for their performance in this bearish market. A bear market is a market that is down, while a bull market is a market that is up. Global investment management strategies have got to come up with innovative strategies to stop investors from losing the shirts off their backs. The traditional trading activities on the stock exchange simply are not effective when the market is as bad as it is now. Therefore global investment management strategies have to do something to cushion the blow from the falling prices. There are a few strategies global investment management companies are currently using to fight the negative effects of the market.

Though there is still room for traditional trading upon the stock exchange because of the sluggishness of the market, alternative strategies must be employed by global investment management companies. In turn, these global investment management companies will remain the leaders within the investment management sector.

One global investment management strategy is to create hedge funds to provide certain wealthy investors with a way of cushioning their interests from the effects of a bearish market by using strategies such as short selling, derivatives, and other methods of protecting or generating capital. The key to success for a global investment management strategy is to choose the right hedge fund since hedge funds are now subject to government regulation changes as well as other factors that have challenged some of the hedge funds in existence today. The global investment management specialists must work within these parameters and find a hedge fund that still has growth potential. The challenges in hedge funds may be to generate a new set of benchmarks and performance indicators.

The practice of private equity has also been called into question; so many companies are not performing well in the market at all. Then there is the avenue of real estate as a global investment management strategy. We all know that real estate companies have also had it hard during the recession; assets are down, rents have had to be lowered to accommodate the market and banks are nervous about issuing mortgages. However, the economy is said to pick up by the end of the year or early 2010 and real estate prices will again rise to provide room for growth and become sustainable as a global investment management strategy.

Investment Management Software

Investment Management Software is a specialized management software package specifically adapted to the investment management industry. Investment management software of course refers to computerized programs that will assist all aspects of asset management. No industry today can survive without using the computer and using some kind of software program. Some firms can use more generalized applications and some such as the investment field will need some investment management software that is specific to their needs. Investment management software can be found on the Internet for purchase. There are many companies offering investment management software solutions and can help an investment firm or to run their business quickly and efficiently.

IT asset management (ITAM) for example is investment management software that is a wonderful tool for asset management. This investment management software will combine financial, contractual, and inventory functions designed to take a product through its life cycle. With asset management, it is vital that investment management software is able to accommodate fluctuating prices and the face value, weighted value of the securities, comparisons to benchmark performance, predicted movement and more. ITAM will have both software and hardware components to achieve maximum efficiency in a financial environment and provides a good solution for investment management software and hardware needs.

Investment management software programs will also have to keep track of dividends, derivatives, warrants, government and stock market regulations, taxes, client interests, industry news and stock market news and more, but is there a computer environment created especially in the industry for investment management software? For example, besides the first option listed above there is Remote Asset Tracker 1.6.7 that has several features such as tracking assets and auditing functions, and can be connected to a remote computer. ADVENT is a company that offers investment management software for investors and firms requiring this service, the investment management software will be geared to client's specific needs. Advent software is an industry standard.

Lipper is brand new investment management software designed by a Thomson Reuter. Lipper is designed to help assess managers in this downward market trend by providing detailed analysis covering of 197,000 share classes, hedge funds, close-end funds, hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds and insurance and fund holdings in 12 different markets. It also provides detailed risk performance analysis.

Direct Foreign Investment

Direct foreign investment is described as an investor from one country who establishes an enterprise by investing into a building or an asset of some sort that is located in a foreign country. The direct foreign investment can be extended to include lasting interests such as purchasing securities without having to purchase the actual company or building in question. To qualify as a direct foreign investment, the foreign investor, could become the parent company, and it must control the foreign affiliate. According to International Money Fund, the foreign investor must hold at least 10% of the ordinary shares, or voting rights in the foreign investment if it is a corporation to qualify. Direct foreign investment must equal the equivalent of this qualification if the corporation has not been incorporated. Anything below this standard for either an incorporated or non-incorporated firm is known as a portfolio investment.

Direct foreign investment assets can include such things as foreign ownership in lands, factories, mines and other productive assets. Direct foreign investment is an indicator of rising economic globalization. Traditionally direct foreign investment is most prominent in North American, the North west of Europe, and Japan, but the potential for direct foreign investment is opening up in non-industrial countries as well. A direct foreign investment can be made by an number of different entities such as single person, a group of people with a common interest, either an incorporated or unincorporated firm or entity, a public or private company, several companies working as a group, a government body, organization, such as a trust, estate, or other organizational structure, and finally any combination of the these various entities.

Direct foreign investment through securing the 10% of common shares or voting rights can be accomplished in several ways. Of course the most direct root is obtaining the shares as they are sold on the market. Other methods to obtain direct foreign investment status include, incorporating a foreign company or subsidiary, by merger or acquisition (different or unrelated company), or participating in an equity joint venture with another company. Direct foreign investment motives include, tax breaks, favorable tariffs incentives, special economic zones, tax holidays, financial investment subsidies, soft loans or loan guarantees, acquisition of free land or land subsidies, expatriation subsidies, research and development subsides, employment and job training subsidies, and infrastructure subsidies. As you can see there are a lot of incentives for direct foreign investment at this time.

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