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Hedge Funds Investment Management

A hedge fund can be defined as a type of investment fund that is only accessible to a limited range of those who take part in several investment activities other than the long-term investment funds alone. The investors of this sort are obligated to pay a performance fee to the investment manager in charge. Different hedge funds seem to have different investment strategies as well as the investment methods they undertake. Hedge funds are wont to invest in a diverse range of investment portfolios which may include commodities, shares and even debt.

Hedge funds are considered flexible in their investment options, a fact that has been attributed to their tendency to use financial instruments that are quite out of reach for the mutual funds. The mutual funds investments are obliged by the SEC regulations to disclose their financial secrets, which in turn has been the main reason why they do not use leverage, short selling, derivatives and concentrated investments. Owing to this flexibility, which also includes the application of desired strategies to cushion them from the downside risk, gives hedge fund investment management players the ability to mange risks in the best possible way.

As can be very aptly deduced from the name, this type of fund is used to hedge some of the risks that investments have by applying different methods, which include short selling and derivatives. This term has however been abused and used in reference to the kind of funds which do not really hedge their investments. Any type of funds that uses short selling and other methods thought to be ‘hedging’, by contrast, is meant to increase rather than reduce the risk of their investment.

Hedging funds are only open to the rich few who could be professionals or wealthy investors. This way, they get preferential treatment when it comes to many regulations that govern short selling, fee structures, leverage as well as the liquidity of interest in the funds. This is the main reason why a hedge fund is different from ordinary investment fund.

It is usual for the net asset value of a hedge fund to run into billions of dollars while the gross asset of the fund will be even much higher because of leverage. Hedge funds are mainly found in certain specialty; for instance, trading within derivatives that are characterized by high-yield ratings. Hedge funds are definitely for the guys who can afford them.

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