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Infrastructure Investment India

The world statistics reveal that the economy of India is definitely the fastest growing economy in the entire world. The boost in the economy has been propelled in a major way by the real estate or infrastructure investment boost in India. Infrastructure investment in India has definitely been on the high, especially since the year 2009, because of the impetus provided by signing of mutual agreements and getting a sanction of around 4.2 billion United States dollars in the month of October, 2009 from none other than the World Bank. The agreement to use this capital in the infrastructure investment in India has been signed by the India Infrastructure Finance Corporation Limited, and the Power Grid Corporation of India.

The Asian development Bank or the ADB has also taken a decisive resolve to grant around seven hundred million United States dollars. This is another guaranteed move which will ensure driving the infrastructure investment in India quite high.

Around two hundred and seventy real estate professionals from all over the world, have jointly taken part in a survey conducted by a survey organization called Price Water House Coopers and Urban Land Institute, and have finally come to the conclusion that the nation which leads the infrastructure investment markets all over the world for the year 2010 is none other than INDIA.

The most lucrative sector among the infrastructure investment in India is the residential real estate sector. Though India on the whole is good infrastructure investment option, yet the most preferred and most promising cities of India are Mumbai and Delhi. All the leading banks of India, like the ICICI Bank, HDFC bank, and PNB, Punjab National Bank agree on a mutual basis on a single fact that the new property investment trends are definitely on the rise. All these banks are doing extremely good business by lending home loans, and the HDFC bank is nominated as the mightiest bank in the Asia-Pacific expanse, says that it is looking forward to registering an excess of twenty per cent of credit expansion for the year 2010.

Based on these findings if you are looking to invest in real estate or infrastructure or property investment in India, then you are definitely on the right path. Make hay while the sun shines, remains the favourite piece of advice given by the investment experts, so start investing in India while the infrastructure market is still buoyant and in full swing.

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