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International Investment Advisors

An international investment advisor should be committed to creating financial independence for families by protecting and growing their wealth through an active money management system. They should offer professional money management services which will allow you to have control of your financial future.

When you are searching for a certified financial planner (CFP), financial advisor, or investment advisor, you should first meet with several before making your selection. Make sure you know what your personal financial goals are beforehand. Always be sure and check on an advisor qualifications before actually selecting yours. You will want to meet with your international investment advisor before making the commitment to work together. You will more than likely have a long term relationship with your advisor and you want to make sure that you are comfortable with him. There is some basic information you will want to find out about your international investment advisor, such as:

* Will the advisor work for a fee only basis or commission? An international investment advisor may recommend numerous transactions when working on commission because they will make a profit on each transaction. An international investment advisor who works on a fee only basis will focus on the best interest of your portfolio.

* Will your advisor periodically re balance your portfolio? The balance will change between different asset classes as your investment values change. When the advisor re balances your portfolio it will restore the desired balance.

* Does the advisor give quarterly assessments of the performance of your portfolio? If so, you will be able to determine if you need to make any adjustments.

* Will your advisor write a detailed policy of your investment constraints and objectives?

* Does your advisor provide a variety of investment mixes and models to show how you can obtain and exceed your goals? A fee only advisor will offer more options because he will not be making any personal financial gains.

* How will your advisor contact you to advice of any new products? The international investment field changes rapidly and the opportunity to invest will change frequently and you will want to be offered the chance to promptly respond.

If you start early, you will be able to avoid any pitfalls that can lead to financial crises. An international investment advisor will assist you in creating the financial plan that will work for you and help keep you focused on your goals. Whatever your goals may be a good international investment advisor will assist you in reaching those goals.

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