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Investment Asset Management

In the world of investing, it seems, one size doesn't fit all. There are a number of advisory specializations for whichever investments the investor chooses to--well, invest.

There are titles that run the gamut from investment advisor to asset manager to fund manager to wealth manager to portfolio manager, and the nuances might easily confuse.

A very large investment management firm, for instance, employs fund managers (or investment advisors), researchers, experts (hopefully) in the art of the deal and settlements. In addition, there are marketing mavens, internal auditors and people who prepare reports and information for the firm's clients.

Then there are staff to handle compliance, which is necessary to make sure the company's policies are in line with legislative and regulatory constraints, financial controllers to account for the institutions' own money and costs, computer geeks, and "back office" employees, who track and record transactions and fund valuations.

Private investors and institutions enjoy the specialized care and expertise they get from a professional investment advisor--either the investment firm itself or the manager who directs decisions regarding the investments.

To differentiate: an investment manager is devoted to securities--shares, bonds and other securities, and assets--real property like real estate, to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of the investors.

An asset manager is often the one who directs collective investments. But the fund manager (or investment manager) is more of a blanket title. Either the investment manager or the asset manager may minister to private investors or institutions; investment managers might specialize in advisory or discretionary management for their wealthy private investors, and they may refer to themselves as wealth managers or portfolio managers--under the umbrella of "private banking."

If you are confused, just find yourself a good investment advisor--one who comes highly recommended by at least three investors--and you'll do just fine.

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