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Investment Banking Analyst

An investment banking analyst is often a recent graduate and has an important job to make sure the job is done well. As important is it is, an investment banking analyst will have to work long hours and do a lot of routine grunt work, but it is a good job to start off your career. An investment banking analyst must have an MBA, yet, preference is giving to an investment banking analyst who actually has some experience over another who doesn't have any at all.

An investment banking analyst is expected to have certain skills, which include, proficiency in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, the capability to write macros in VBA, produce weeklies (track and produce newsletters). Create the prospectus (es), and keep schedules. Oh yes, an investment banking analyst has the lovely job of answering the phones and visiting the copy center frequently and don't be surprised if you are asked to go get lunch! Though this job may not have been the job of your dreams, starting out, as an investment banking analyst can be the stepping-stone you are looking for to work your way up in the ranks. The key factor of course is your attitude and your ability. You are paid to do an important job that and your work is a vital function of the investment bank to succeed in the industry and it is also a vital function for you to succeed as an investment banking analyst as well.

The best ways for an investment banking analyst to achieve success it to do your job well without being confrontational or causing friction. You will also need to dress the part, an investment banking analyst must look like a professional not a bum off the street. After all you want to show that you are a professional and you take your job seriously. This attitude of a professionalism means that you do not complain, whine or gossip. Know how to become a whiz at computers and research. Your boss will take notice of your ability. As an investment banking analyst you want to learn how to make your boss happy without getting in his or her way. A good investment banking analyst will also know how to think on his or her own, but don't be afraid to ask questions when you really need to. Take an interest in other areas such as stocks and show you have initiative. Becoming an investment banking analyst will be rewarding if you support the right attitude and gain the knowledge you need to learn the business and prepare yourself to climb the ladder of success.

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