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Investment Management Firms

Investment management firms are firms, which specialize in creating capital gains for their clients. Investment management firms are the firms, which are the go between for the company who has securities to sell and the market place where these securities will be offered to the public on the stock exchange. The clients of these investment management firms are called the investors. The investors in turn can be private investors, pension funds, insurance companies, or large public corporations and organizations. Investment management firms can enact business through a collective investment scheme such as mutual funds, or through the stock exchange (exchange traded funds).

Investment management firms provide what is called collective investment schemes and asset management. Fund management may be used as a generic term to cover all types of investment not necessarily limited to investment management firms. Investment management firms, which handle private wealthy investor's interests, refer to this specific type of management as wealth management or portfolio management. This activity is often called "private banking." The investment management firms handle financial analysis, asset and stock selection, and a strategy for generating and monitoring ongoing securities. Investment management firms are responsible for handling trillions of dollars in the USA and Euro dollars and yen all over the world.

A fund manager, a term used in the USA which in turn refers to the actual investment management firms or it can refer to the investment advisor who sets up the funds and make the decisions necessarily for trading and for making the capital gains. Investment management firms employ millions of people to carry out the different operations from fund managers to marketers, internal auditors, financial controllers, computer specialists and more. The work is diversified and the responsibility of funds management is enormous. Investment management firms must keep their clients happy and that is not always easy. Investment management firms can only operate within the scope of the market when dealing in securities exchange and if the market is down the capital gains for the clients will be down as well. Headhunters will seek out the most successful fund managers and these very successful investment management firms are very expensive as well.

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