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Investment Property Loans

Investment property loans simply refer to the type of loans that you borrow to invest in properties. Naturally, people go for the type of properties that have a high chance appreciation and therefore guaranteed returns. The real estate business is without doubt a lucrative industry which has of late attracted a plethora of investors who are rushing to the sector to be part of the success story. Several real estate moguls have narrated their zero-to-hero stories before becoming what they are today.

Invested property loans are of two types which are residential and commercial. Like the name suggests, a residential type of loan is meant to invest in residential property estates such as condos, apartments, store, warehouses and buildings with at least five units. The drive for these kinds of properties is based on expected future incomes and appreciation.

A property loan on the other hand is meant chiefly to invest in business and commercial areas. They are relatively more costly because bigger revenues are expected from them.

The real estate industry is not a preserve of individuals only. In the US, a good number of real estate investors go for these loans in order to acquire the real estates. There are two basic advantages of using this approach. The investors benefit from capital growth and at the same time get a deduction in tax they pay to the government. The other advantage comes in from what is called negative “gearing”. The term gearing as used here to imply borrowing for the soul purpose of investment. An investment that is considered negatively geared means it is a property that was bought using a loan where the total income expected after the deduction of expenses is still less than the interest that is paid annually. This is a big plus to the investor because they have the ability to deduct the cost of possessing an investment property from their taxable incomes.

The loan for investing in the property is available in different shapes and sizes and is mainly dependent on the specific investor needs. It could be interim, short-term or sometimes long-term. Before making up your mind to go for these loans, make sure that you understand the terms very well. Key points to take note of include the interest rate charged and the repayment period of the loan. It is also important that you keep track of the schedule so that you do not accumulate a lot of credit.

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