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Private Equity Investment Fund

A majority of investors are more familiar with public investment exchanges since they are the ones that are widely publicized and as such, the news about them is widely received. Private equity investment on the other hand refers to the investment into companies that are not publicly listed. This may happen in the form of an existing company running out of funds and deciding to invite new share holders to help them pursue their investment plans.

Raising funds for a private equity investment can be done in many ways depending on the prevailing circumstances. Many unlisted companies may at times feel the need to increase their liquidity in order to meet their financial obligations or basically for expansion purposes. These companies can always raise such funds by inviting private investors to buy shares or even partner up in the ownership of the company. The most common situation that calls for private equity is in such cases as when a company is heavily indebted and would like to return to profitability, the companies that may come up with funds to bail the indebted company from its debts may have some shares in the new company.

Another common method used to acquire private equity investment is through the issuing of debts to the indebted company in a process commonly referred to as leverage buy outs. Such moves are aimed at improving the status of the company. Besides lifting the company status and bringing it back to profitability, the main objective behind some of the private equity investors who buy into such companies is to make the company profitable and then sell it off at a better value to another firm or even to benefit by selling to out in an IPO to maximize their profits.

The main advantage of private equity investment is in the fact that it can accommodate even smaller investors as opposed to large IPO which will always give limitations to the minimum amounts or share values which may at times prove to be too high for private investors who may only have little amounts to invest. However it is important to note that investment in private equity should not be assumed to be an automatic profit making affair. Before investing into any private equity investment, it is vital to look at the logistics and to work out your own arithmetic to ensure that your investment will guarantee good returns.

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