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Retirement Investment Fund

So you already have heard a lot about the retirement and retirement investment funds. But do you know what exactly these mean? Every one knows that they need to invest certain amounts of money for tomorrow, for the bad times. As the adage goes, make hay while the sun shines. Wise is the person who decides to invest for the retirement period of his life, even while he is earning.

No body would digest the idea of having to depend on some body else for the day to day needs or simple expenses of life, after the retirement. No person with self respect would like to be affected simply because of a change in his or her earning capacity or working status. Would you like it if you are told that you need to cut down on your food or even your visits to the doctor, once you retire? No, that is not an idea that is even going to be heard out, leave alone the liking part.

The retirement investment plan is an excellent way to cushion out any of your future life expenditure bumps. You can definitely continue to earn after retirement without even working, by investing in these retirement investment plans. But have you ever given thought to how exactly these retirement investment plans seem to send you a monthly income or a certain huge amount as a one time income?

The money which you continue to invest every month (if you are on a monthly investment plan) or the chunk of the money which you have invested as a one time investment in these retirement investment plans give you the future income by investing your money in certain retirement investment funds. These funds are selected by the company in with which you have a retirement investment plan. The funds mean nothing but mutual funds, which means investing your money in the share market. Depending on the way the share market performs, or to be more specific depending on the way the company shares perform (the company on which your money is being invested), your retirement investment funds will also perform accordingly.

This means that if the company shares do well, you will get a handsome return from your retirement investment funds. And conversely if the company shares do not perform well, then naturally it is your retirement investment fund that is going to bear the brunt.

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