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Safe High Yield Investment

The term safe high-yield investment is not an oxymoron, although many investors will say it is. And generally this is true. A high yield investment is one in which the return is much greater than most investments and comes in a shorter period of time. This means that the risk of losing your money is also increased.

One of the tricks used by investors to lessen their risk when dipping into high risk investments is to diversity. This means that they take their capital and divide it between several high risk investments counting on the odds that more of the will post enough gains to balance out the losers. This way you are fairly certain that every one of your investments will go south. One cardinal rule of investing is to never invest more money than you are prepared to lose.

If you are looking for one of the safest high-yield investments you might want to look into insurance company annuities. Insurance companies enjoy the benefit of having to pay significantly less corporate taxes and, because of this; they usually offer a much higher return on their annuities than other organizations. The company will take your capital and invest it with promises of a higher yield and usually pay out more than the guaranteed amount.

There two other high-yield investments. One is real estate. Because of real estates potential to be improved, increasing its value, this is a great investment. The potential profits can easily equal or exceed 50% with any real estate investment and property never totally loses its value. Gold also never drops to zero either. And in these troubled economic times, gold is the perfect investment because the value of gold mirrors economic trends. In other words when the economy is uncertain, the value of gold increases proportionally. There is no one government backing gold, it stands on it?s own, so you cannot lose it because of a bank failure or the economic crash of a national economy that devalues their currency.

There are many high-yield investments on the market today. Finding the one that you need is another question. There are a great numbers of companies that due to the economy, lost most their high market values and are now trading at values that are actually less than the company is actually worth. This is an opportunity for investors to get in really cheap and hope market takes an upswing.

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