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Stock Investment Trading

People are forever trying to find ways to make their money grow. Those who are savvy know that savings accounts earn skimpy interest that doesn't even meet the rate of inflation. Today the average interest rate on a savings account is less than 2%, while mutual funds can earn more than 10%. You do the math.

And while working at a nine to five job may or may not increase anyone's standard of living, chances are that at the moment, earning an honest wage will probably just keep the wolf from the door. Actually, those who are meeting their bills are the lucky ones, since during these hard times so many can't.

Getting back to the savvy people, they know with certainty that investment--in stocks, bonds and mutual funds--is the best route on the way to financial security for themselves and their family's future. Their mantra is to have their money work for them, instead of the other way around.

So how do you find investments that will serve you well? It's a learning experience. What you have to do is make up your mind to educate yourself--before you invest even one penny. Put in some time and do your research. That way you can learn how to spot risks and minimize them. With a little practice you'll find that it's not impossible for you to get an annual return of 10-15% on your investment. And that's with a minimum of risk.

Probably the best way to insure success in the market is to diversify and build a portfolio with a range of diverse investments from blue chips to tech stocks, mutual funds and bonds. With the help of an investment professional, there is a good chance you'll do well.

Because of their affordable prices, you might even be tempted to add penny stocks to your portfolio. Penny stocks are volatile and therefore fairly risky, but with the good advice of your broker and with all you've learned on your own, you can actually minimize the risk and make penny stocks work for you. Do a thorough check into the history and current strength of the company issuing the stock, and use that information wisely. If the company is financially solid, then much of your work is already done for you. One more way to minimize risks with penny stocks is to check into the analysts' ratings of the company in question. If there are no ratings, or bad ratings, you may want to think twice.

There are many ways to go when you start investing in the stock market, but one thing you can be sure of: with education and research you will make money. By reading this you have already learned a thing or two, so resolve to build your own investment savvy from here. In less time than you would have thought it would take, you'll have your money working for you.

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