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3d Stock Charts

A new approach to stock software can keep track of hundreds of charts on your computer screen. Called a "3D" approach, this method is done in real time for fast and easy analysis. 3D also allows the user to have a "virtual reality" scientific-grade graphics with a lot of intuitive interaction, multiple portfolio views, 3D and conventional charts, data zoom, mouse driven date of interest reporting, real time rotation, data drilldown, to name a few.

The reason this type of 3D technology is necessary in this day and age is simple: the financial traders and market analysts need better tools that provide critical information that matters the most in stock analytics. Professionals like asset and portfolio managers, stock traders, market makers, and market advisers deal with an overwhelming amount of information on an often hourly basis. Because huge amounts of numerical data are pretty much impossible to understand quickly and accurately, it is necessary to have sophisticated software tools to help do the job.

In general, the quickest way for our brains to grasp large amounts of information is through a visual model. Studies have found that the visual perception system is able to understand pictures much faster than that those made up of ticker screen and tables and other mathematical information. By seeing data as pictures, utilizing things like shapes, colors, shadows, heights, etc., we can clearly see the often-intricate relationships between these large data sets.

Additional benefits of the 3D system are that it can bring up to several hundred stock charts into one comparison plot. This allows the user to see a lot of data at one time, rather than having to check each one individually. A maximum amount of information may be consolidated all at once. In addition, 3D allows interaction between the user and important and critical information. It will also provide the user with typical comparison charts and flat reports, as well as using efficiently the display which helps the user see as much data at once. 3D technology will help optimize the technical analysis of the stock and provide you the opportunity to manage a profile and full stock market analysis on the same screen. All of these techniques of the 3D system may help the user with his or her decisions regarding the stocks.

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