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Letter to Mr. Market about Alibaba

Dear Mr. Market,


I just want to write you this letter to state how frustrated you make me feel sometimes as an average investor.  I don’t manage other people’s money, all I have is some savings through hard work.  I am fully aware the depreciation value of dollar with time and with interest rate so low, it’s better to invest the money than leaving it in the bank.

You are a wonderful guy sometimes, so logical and fair, but sometimes, sometimes you turn into this monster that I don’t know, devours so much of the gains I have carefully accumulated and reinvested in you.

I understand that nowadays the information is bountiful and plentiful and you have to react when things that could change the future for some of the companies.  However I think sometimes you go overboard with those reactions.  For example, you might know this company name Alibaba (BABA), it’s one of the biggest company in China, bigger than Walmart at the time of this letter (11/14/2016).  However, it has taken a beating by you recently, all because Trump has said that he will put duty on all Chinese exports to U.S.?  Last time I check we are still a democracy, the president does not make decisions all how much duty to set with other countries, I mean he probably has some influence to the law makers since now congress are also Republican, but it takes a lot of negotiations to get a bill passed and I though Trump is a businessman, doesn’t he know that how much the world’s economy is interconnected nowadays?  The after effect of that kind of duty will not only affect China, it will also affect many of the countries that China do business with, one of the countries is United States!  We are all on the same boat, if China do bad, no one will be happy.   I thought you the Market should know this, so there’s need to punish Alibaba, but I guess maybe it’s an opportunity for me.  I will get some options at some point around the price of below $90 and if it drops even more, than even better.  I want to get a mid Feb 2017 expiration date since they will be reporting their earning in the beginning of Feb 2017.

This is what I have for now, I’ll write to you next time.




TeenAnalyst Team


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