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Should you listen to the market experts



Information overloading anyone?Whenever you turn on the any of the cable channels whether it’s MSNBC, FOX, Bloomberg, etc.  All you hear are these so call experts calling shots on the stocks like they can see into the future: buy, sell, hold.  Should you listen to their stock tips?


Today we are in the information age, information is plentiful and everywhere, most investors understand the depreciation of dollar as time go on so depositing all the disposable money in the bank is not a smart option especially considering the low interest environment set by the Feds.  As a result, most people want to invest their money for the future, which is correct.  However, how they go about investing their money will make a world of difference in 20 or 30 years:  The smart investors will be retiring comfortably, whereas the others will have to be force to continue to work for a living than they have to.  


When you invest, especially in the stock market, there are risks involved.  Your job as an investor is to mitigate those risks to a level that’s acceptable to you and proceed accordingly.  Your appetite for risks might changes depend on the size of your portfolio and your age, but should always keep your risk tolerance in back of your head whenever you making an investment decsion.  


So let’s go back to our original question, should you listen to the experts about what and when to invest in the stock market.  The short answer is NO!  Let’s see the whys.  


First of all, even though most of the analysts might graduated from Ivy Leagues and might be working for the big money firms such as Goldman Sachs or other big banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Citi, ets, that does not guranteed their recommendation are objectve. They might be biased in their opinions simply because they already own those stocks and want you to buy.  Worst yet, they might know something you don’t and are betting against you, such as during the financial crisis of the 2008, 2009 when some of the big banks recommended their clients to continuing buying into the packaged mortgage loans and credit swaps when they were hedging against them big time.


Second of all,  they are just opinions, we human are flawed by default, we tend to like to follow the crowd.  We like to buy when the market is doing good in general and sell in panic when the market is in a free fall.  You might be wondering this analyst so and so have been right most of the time, but I recommend you to look at his/her record more carefully.  Even a dead clock is right twice a day and the analysts tend to boast on their past recommendations when they happened to be right and kept quiet on the ones that were wrong.  


So now you might be asking, who should you listen to when you making investment decisions?  Our suggestion would be to listen to Yourself!  Investment for the future is a marathon, not a sprint.  You should invest in yourself in terms of knowledge and experiences.  Set up a mock account first and read into good investment books.  Our number one recommendation for investment book has always been “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham.  Warren Buffet followed the book and the last time we checked, he's still a self made multi billionaire because of it.  Also remember to learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them again, it’s easy said than done but you should definitely make that as a habit.  


Find your investing personality, what we mean by that is to find out more about yourself during investing, different personalities have different style of investing, and if you can follow our general rules of thumb on a previous article we wrote on “Simple Rules of Investing In Stock Market”, you should be in decent shape.  Always remember to make your own independent decsion, you can use the news as one of many sources you use to justify your decision, but the decsion should ultimately be yours alone.  Happy Investing Everyone!

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