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Advanced Stock Screener

For people investing in the stock market, an advanced stock screener can be a handy tool to have.

Basically, an advanced stock screener helps people chose stocks based on whatever guidelines they have set up. This is an especially helpful product for people who don't have the interest or time to do a detailed analysis of the market.

Think of it this way: on any given day, there are huge quantities of stocks from which to choose. Some people may want to select stocks that meet a certain parameter--for instance a similar price. Typical stock filters can create a list of at least 500 companies, which might be too much information for the average client. A product called StockPuzzle, separates stocks into many different categories, or groups. Each of these groups is made up of companies with similar features, like trading volume, technical indicator values, price, etc. This program will do this work automatically, which allows clients as well as those they are working with in the field to examine these groups at once with the same or similar values, rather than getting a ton of companies all at once. With this program, users are given several stocks to work with that most closely match what they are looking to buy. These techniques, which screen out things in advance, are very effective in weeding out unwanted results that other screening programs might typically give the user. In addition to screening, price change information is included, providing a powerful view of the overall trading day

As a bonus, one type of data that these advanced stock screeners allow as well is list of complex and detailed information about the stocks rating the output of each one. This in turn allows the user to make a fast and accurate analysis of the stock in question.

Some advanced screening programs have been created that will limit their data to setups that tend to be better than the typical and common programs. This output data is often cross-referenced, meaning that each stock will be one the person wants to look at, not just a general list of stocks that are not specific to what the user wants.

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