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Bp Stock Quote

BP, while reaching its centenary early in 2009, has also become the world's third-largest integrated oil concern. BP surveys for oil and gas in 29 countries and has proved reserves of over 18 billion barrels of oil equivalent. BP is the principal oil and gas manufacturer in the US. BP sells its products in more than 100 countries and controls more than 24,000 gas stations worldwide. To further propel its image as an environmentally aware enterprise, BP has formed an Alternative Energy unit with an initial investment of almost $2 billion to develop green energy sources.

BP p.l.c. was incorporated in 1909 in both Wales and England. It is an international group, with interests held or operated through its many subsidiaries and jointly controlled bodies. BP supplies fuel for transportation, power for light and heat, retail services and petrochemical goods, through its two business segments: Refining and Marketing and Exploration and Production. BP's Exploration and Production sector includes upstream and midstream activities in 29 countries, including Angola, Canada, Egypt, Russia and Trinidad. BP also conducts trading activities and gas marketing in Canada, Europe, the UK and the US.

Furthermore, the BP's interests include the marketing and trading of natural gas, natural gas liquids and power in the US, UK, Europe and Canada. These activities provide paths into liquid markets for BP's gas and power which in turn, generate margins and fees coupled with the provision of tangible and financial goods to third parties and further income from asset optimization and trading.

BP's Refining and Marketing industry is accountable for the refining, manufacturing, supply and trading, transportation and marketing of petroleum, crude oil, chemical products and connected services to both wholesale and retail customers. BP's market for all services and products spans over 100 countries even though they face tough competition within the gas and oil industry and against other industries, in supplying the fuel needs of industry, commerce and the home.

The top sites to find current BP stock quotes are MSN Moneycentral, Motley Fool and Reuters.com.

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