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Canadian Stock Quotes

Canada's TSX or the Toronto Stock Exchange is known as the fifth biggest stock exchange in the world in terms of market capitalization while being the largest stock exchange in Canada when speaking of volume. TSX is located in Toronto and is owned and operated by the TSX Group. Prior to 2002, the Toronto Stock Exchange had been known as the TSE but due to the controlling company's numerous acquisitions the acronym changed thereby ending 123 years of being known as the TSE.

Like all stock exchanges, any potential trader or investment group that wants to purchase any type of stock must first get the quote of the company they are interested in. Each company listed with TSX has its own stock symbol comprised of both numbers and letters that is unique to the company. If an investor doesn't know a company's symbol, they merely need to provide the name of the company to either their online site or brokerage firm. An investor can simply find the list of companies that are listed at the stock exchange by logging on to the web site of TSX.

Quotes are very important in that they are the first thing you must know before going on with an investment as no investment related to stock trading can be started without it. The quote is the price of the stock at which it is traded currently at the floor of exchange. Not only can a trader get Canadian stock quotes online but many television stations regularly provide updated stock quotes and many stockbrokers provide a toll free number for their investors. One of the main things to remember is that there is a delay anywhere from 15-20 minutes when using an online site so it's wise to confirm the current quote before making any trades.

The various forms of quotes that are available in Canada pertain to the different companies listed with the TSX. There are countless companies listed and whose stocks are freely traded at the Canadian Stock Exchange which makes it a nonstop process to list and de-list companies at the TSX. The quotes of all these companies are readily obtainable and an investor can easily make a trade in them. As far as the indexes of the Toronto Stock Exchange are concerned, these are S&P /TSX 60 and S&9/TSX Composite Index.

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