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Tip of the Day Refinance Your Mortgage if You Can Cut At Least One Point

Refinance Your Mortgage if You Can Cut At Least One Point - Refinancing a mortgage only makes good sense if you are going to save more than 1% on the...

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    Current Stock Prices

    Viewing current stock prices can either make your day or send you spiraling off into the 'coulda, woulda or shoulda' game. With the current stock market in a constant state of fluctuation, it's a smart idea to keep a close eye on your investments. The internet with its ability to offer current stock prices lets investors know when to buy, when to sale & when it's too late to do either. The following is a simple guideline to finding up to the minute current stock prices.

    If you have time, do it the old fashioned way. Prior to the internet, investors had to look to the newspaper for current stock prices with The Wall Street Journal leading the pack. Unfortunately, with the advent of the internet, you won't have the up to the minute information that you'd get on the web if you use this method. Conversely, you also won't be tempted to spend all day checking tickers online.

    Even timelier than checking the internet is the option to have current stock prices delivered to your cell phone or PDA. The obvious advantage to this method is that you'll be able to check stock market prices even if you aren't around a computer. You can typically only choose up to twenty quotes and while some of these services claim to be free you should initially check with your cell phone service provider to make sure you have a plan that will encompass a large amount of texts.

    More so now than ever, widgets are used to get current stock prices. Some widgets allow you to add them to your desktop or even to networking sites such Facebook or your own personal blog. How about wordpress plugins that will allow you to position a stock ticker in the sidebar of your blog?

    Or try using an add on which you can affix to your web browser to find current stock prices. Add ons allow you to add a stock ticker to the top of your browser so you can keep abreast of what your stock is up to while you are surfing the net.

    By learning how to check current stock prices and quotes, you will be able to understand the sometimes detailed analysis of the performance of the stock you have purchased. By keeping track of the price at which you originally purchased your stock, as well as the current stock price, you can than figure out the exact profit or decline for your investment.

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    josephderosa@optonline.net said:

    can i follow my portfolio of stocks here?

    share tips said:

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    Definition: A carefully-watched economic indicator representing the percent of the labor force that's actively seeking employment. TeenAnalyst Advice: The unemployment rate is a sign of how the economy has been doing.  But it's a lagging indicator, meaning it only confirms what's been going on.  It can't predict the future.Historically, the unemployment...

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