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Download Stock Quotes

Although there are many ways to view stock information, many choose to buy a software that will download the stock quotes for you and arrange the information in a manner you choose that helps you best understand your financial portfolio.

Quotes4u is one such application.

"Quotes4u is a comprehensive downloader for historical, end-of-day and intraday snapshot quotes," says their website. "Quotes4u directly passes the quotes into your TA-software. Quotes4u allows you to download current and historical quotes from over 50 international exchanges and Forex data (currencies). This breadth of financial data was heretofore either unavailable to the individual investor, or required a serious monthly financial commitment to secure."

"With Quotes4u, you can download an unlimited amount of quotes. All downloads can be scheduled. In one click Quotes4u downloads, converts and passes the quotes into your Technical analysis software at high speed," their site continues. "Quotes4u writes the quotes automatically and directly to your TA-software without using other data converters."

The software can spit out data in Parity Plus, MetaStock, .PRN, ASCII and Excel format. When picking out a stock quote download software, make sure it produces the same, as it makes the data compatible with most of the available technical analysis software, such as Parity Plus, AmiBroker, MetaStock, TradeStation, Advanced GET, Supercharts, StockGuru, Elliot Wave, OmniTrader, Hermes(.prn - ascii), Wall$treet, Homebroker, Excel, EZYCharts, StockEasy, MAUS, among others.

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, Quotes4u is easy to use for both experienced and novice traders. The same company also sells a technical analysis education software, InTeLyze.

"I would recommend the Intelyze educational CD program to anyone interested in gaining greater understanding of the technical indicators that eventually determine the movement of an individual stock or index," says user Fred Sawyer. "The tool is very user friendly and most importantly interactive. It pictorially displays technical analysis concepts in a simple and easy to understand fashion thereby accelerating the learning process and promoting a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts. The lessons can be easily followed and the tool offers varying depths of knowledge. This makes the tool useful for beginners who are gaining exposure to the concepts for the first time.

However it also offers advanced lessons for those who want to increase their present level of knowledge. In short the tool accommodates any student from beginning to advanced. I would recommend Intelyze to anybody wishing to understand those key technical indicators used for making profitable stock trades."

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