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Foreign Stock Markets

If you want to make someone jealous, just say you have been working with the foreign stock markets. There's nothing like talking about huge returns (sometimes double or triple) to get the green-eyed monster up, running and hating your guts.

For example, Russia's RTS Index rose 72 percent in the first nine months of 2005, and the SETI 100 in Bangkok went up about 117 percent back in 2003. Because of these high returns, many investors are always looking for ways to work with them.

Before trading in foreign stock markets, it is important to know what you are doing. Overall, there are several ways you can invest in these markets. The most basic way is to purchase stocks in other countries. But keep in mind that doing this can be more difficult than buying stocks in America.

If you want to invest in an overseas company, please contact your brokerage company first and see if it can help you do this. Some will, and some won't. If they do, your firm will contact a market maker located in the country with which you want to work. But even if your firm works with foreign countries, you can't always get all of the stocks that you want. So either be very flexible with what you want, or as an option, set up a brokerage account in each country you are working with.

But before you take the time to figure out how to purchase the foreign stocks you want, understand that there are a lot of definite risks connected with foreign investment. For example, correct information about the foreign companies are not always available like it is here in our country. You should also insure that any foreign issues you're think about trading in are listed on legitimate stock exchanges that are recognized as reliable by the governments and investment communities of their respective countries.

Also, regulations in these countries may impact your investments as well as any accounts you might have in those countries. There might be rules and restrictions on how you may transfer money from your foreign account to a domestic one. But knowing these things ahead of time will help you make an educated opinion about foreign stock trading.

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