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French Stock Market

The Parisian stock market is nicknamed "The Bourse" after the neighborhood in Paris in which it has been located since the early 19th century. The stock market is also now a part of Euronext Paris, which is a combination of the Paris, Lisbon, Brussels, and Amsterdam stock exchanges. This consolidation took place in 2000 as a merger with the New York Stock Exchange. Technically called NYSE Euronext, this exchange operates around six cash equities exchanges in about countries and six derivatives exchanges. As the stock market goes, the exchange is a major world player for trading in cash equities, listings, bonds, trading in cash equities, and the distribution of market data.

Euronext, which is still found in the Bourse, handles two broad-based indexes. For example, the Euronext 100 Index is their blue chip index. A market capitalization index of the 150 stocks that are also significantly large is for the mid and large-capitalization segments of the stocks that will be listed on Euronext at that time.

The NextPrime and NextEconomy segments each have a price index and a total return index, made more important by market capitalization and excluding the shares listed in the Euronext 100 Index. The indexes began, or have a base date of December 31, 2001, and had a starting level of 1000 points.

Generally speaking, the NYSE Euronext is the greatest provider in the world of electronic trading solutions, offering more varieties of connections to any specific exchange than any other provider in the world. It also helps to connect and be in charge of and power the global marketplace and it offers solutions that are tailored to the individual, be it hosted, customized, or managed. These fast and efficient state-of-the-art technologies allow customers to have the security, speed, and extremely low latency market access that they require. Through this advanced type of software, combined with the high performance connectivity, the NYSE Euronext exchange attracts and engages the global trading community with specific types of inventive tools, access worldwide markets and liquidity, as well as value-added third party applications.

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