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Ask For A Raise - If you have been with the company for over a year and you have been working hard and feel that you are entitled to a...

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Moderate Portfolio

This portfolio that we have put together is for moderate investors.  These are investors who are investing and are willing to accept a little more risk in exchange for a higher rate of return.Please keep in mind that this is not a portfolio of stock picks.  This is just meant to be a model for how you would set up your own portfolio.  Always do your own research.  And even the most conservative portfolio can still lose money.  Keep in mind that all of these are for the long-term (5+ years).


StockIndustryPrice AddedPercent of Total



BondsIndexHomebuildingSoftwareFinance ServicesGeneric DrugsClothing RetailBankingRetail


$14.53$104.63$27.90$25.10$43.45$27.70$27.41$37.60$39.50Starting Value:Current Value:

20%10%10%10%10%10%10%10% 10%$10,000Click Here



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