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Tip of the Day Ask For A Raise

Ask For A Raise - If you have been with the company for over a year and you have been working hard and feel that you are entitled to a...

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Msn Money Stock Quote

No question about it, the Microsoft Network (MSN) MoneyCentral investment portal offers some of the most enhanced stock quote services anywhere here on Planet Earth or out there in cyberspace .

MSN MoneyCentral allows you to see quotes and key price data in real time, customize how you view key fundamental data and chart date ranges, get instant access to charts and key company information, view and rate community-based ratings from CAPS, view the latest StockScouter ratings, read company-related news, view company-related videos, view financial highlights for any public stock, and post and read messages about the stock and investing.

MSN MoneyCentral is also a particularly good place for Microsoft Excel fans to get their stock quotes. Microsoft offers a free Excel MSN MoneyCentral Stock Quotes add-in that inserts the Microsoft Stock Quote function into one or more of a spreadsheet's cells.

Using the MSN StockQuote function to return either a company's stock price or another piece of stock information you specify, such as the High, Low, Ask, Bid, or Close price you can calculate formulas based on the function's return values to easily create your own financial analysis. According to Microsoft, "the add-in provides an interface that makes it easy to use the function, even if you've never worked with functions in formulas before."

All-in-all, MSN MoneyCentral has a very robust selection of tools and resources and is extremely easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate. You can get information and advice on almost anything to do with cold, hard cash or paper and electronic financial instruments. MoneyCentral covers topics including investing, banking, bill paying, credit counseling, debt reduction, historical stock tracking, retirement planning, insurance, personal and corporate tax issues and, of course, the latest, greatest financial world news good or bad. MSN MoneyCentral also offers numerous tools and financial aids including, but not limited to financial and other specialized calculators, screeners, decision-making wizards, charting programs, and trending charts.

MSN MoneyCentral's columnists and contributors are also first-rate and worth reading whether you agree with what they say or not.

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Fundamentals? - Fundamentals are the information of both a quality and quantity level that in some way contribute to the assessment of a given company’s financial aspects. This can also apply to both currency and securities. In order to get a clear picture of how the fundamentals apply with a...

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