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Tip of the Day Get A Rewards Card

Get A Rewards Card - A rewards card is always a good option if you need a credit card. These no-fee hassle reward cards allow you to charge each...

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Online Stock Information

Buying, selling, trading and getting stock information online is now easier than ever due to such online sites as TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, Share Builder and Scottrade.

Through an online broker or investment site you could be learning how to increase your portfolio or dump stocks that haven't been good ventures for you. Another benefit to getting online stock information or using an online stock broker is that you are not limited to the amount you can purchase. Purchase as many or as little shares as you can afford.

There are many ways to get reliable online stock information. By checking solid sources such as Bloomberg online, Motley Fool or Standard and Poor, you can be sure that you will get the most up to date news, advice on the market and current research. Try browsing the Hoover's site for last minute news and company reports. Quicken is a user friendly way to find out a company's profile and quotes and always research the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) site for real information about filings and enforcement.

It is important to remember that getting and using online stock information can be a buyer beware market. Make sure to look for disclosure statement on Web sites and electronic newsletters to see who wrote the information. You want straight unbiased information and there's no way to know for sure if a site giving you a tip is getting paid for it.

If you have a complaint or suspect a scam, contact the SEC by e-mailing help@sec.gov. Make sure to include pertinent details such as the Web site, e-mail addresses, names of companies or people, and your own name, address, e-mail address and phone number.

Look out for advice dispensed in forums, chat rooms and on bulletin boards. Always verify information with credible sources.

The majority of the information you need to pick stocks and build a portfolio is accessible online. Numerous sites are free while most corporate and financial websites offer newsletters, FAQs, and online forums in order to present complete market information once you open an account. It's prudent to utilize online stock information to obtain background reports, economic analysis and vital market statistics on publicly traded stocks before investing.

While fresh trading information is only part of what you should have in order to make short or long term investment decisions, it is an illustration of the convenience and accessibility of the internet.

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Definition of the Day Earnings Yield

Earnings Yield - an earnings yield is the earning per share for the past 12 months, divided by the current price per share, Earnings yield are reported in percentages for easy bond comparisons. It is the reciprocal to the P/E ratio (price to earnings ratio). The earnings yield can be...

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