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Pay Your Bills On Time - We all get behind on our bills every once in a while, but when it becomes a constant practice it starts to cost us...

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Pre Market Stock Quotes

It frequently confuses new investors when looking over the financial pages of a newspaper or watching the stock ticker on a financial TV channel. It adds to the impression that the terminology and processes of the stock market are impenetrably arcane. Yet there is an explanation for why both real-time and static pricing information pertaining to a company's stock are called stock market quotes. And, by the way, quotes are simply price points referring to the dollar amount per share.

A stock market quote is actually comprised of several bits of specific information. Most people are interested in only two, price per share and volume being traded. Those with more investing savvy will also note the quote contains the firm's stock symbol, a unique combination of letters and/or numbers, as well as indicating if the stock has gained or lost value.

Tracking numbers is a big part of successfully investing in the stock market. The key issue is whether those watched numbers are increasing or decreasing. That makes it essential to acquire access to real-time stock market quotes. Many brokerages have room for a handful of clients to stand around watching the electronic tickers, but it's easier to milne the Internet for the best deal for you that offers real-time stock market quotes.

If you subscribe to a site such as PCQuote, you can customize your page for the stocks and financial news you want to watch. As a bonus, they offer a variety of streamers, all of which you can try free for a week or two.

Perhaps you have a financial advisor working for you. Ask if his/her company offers a program with real-time stock market quotes as part of your service package. Look at the company's Website. You might find real-time stock quotes there, plus page customization for your particular investment interests. You might even periodically check your bank's Website to see if they've added these features as part of their own marketing plan.

Your browser's home page is continually updating its offerings, as annoying as that is once you've finally learned exactly where everything is and sorted out their new terminology. Most of the big-boy browsers now put local news, world news, financial news and stock quotes on their home page as an added incentive for you to stay with them instead of seeking a flashier browser.

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