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Stock Broker Market

A stock market broker is a professional in the world of buying and selling stocks, securities, and other financial instruments. In this country, stock brokers usually deal on either the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the NASDAQ stock market. Brokers may work independently, as a member of a small brokerage, or as a cipher in one of the huge conglomerate firms. Relatively recently, brokers have become able to manage their client accounts utilizing the Internet, with the help of online trading modules and loosening Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.

The history of stock market brokers in the United States began in Philadelphia in the late 1700s. In the 1820s, however, the epicenter of the U.S. stock market moved to New York City and Wall Street was born. Since then Wall Street has become synonymous with the stock market, particularly a heavily muscled stock market. This is the same street that spawned many of the most powerful and influential stock market brokers of their day which led to the establishment of brokerage houses bearing their names. Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, to name but two, came to life in the latter half of the 20th century and lived to sail vigorously into the 21st.

A stock market broker typically puts a customer's investment capital into either the stock the brokerage recommends, the stock he himself recommends, or the stock the customer chooses for himself. If the broker inclines more toward the first two of those options, he is termed an investment adviser as well as a stockbroker. As advisor, he'll utilize his knowledge of the market and its various tangents to decide how to best grow his client's investment money.

Stock market brokers working as investment advisers may work for a fee based on the total assets under their control, by an hourly rate, or on a flat-fee basis.

Some licensed brokers are day traders, which means that they buy stocks in the morning and offload them before the end of the trading day in order to make a quick profit. This form of trading has great potential for making a client quite wealthy in a very short time, but the opposite result is almost as likely unless the broker is experienced, an excellent poker player, and wily as a fox.

While day trading is now possible for just about anyone with a high-speed Internet connection, it is singularly inadvisable for beginners to take up the hobby unless they literally have money to burn.

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