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Stock Day Trading

What is stock day trading and is it different than trading on the stock exchange in general? Stock day trading is the buying and selling of stock and day trading in general will also include options, currencies, and futures. However the general difference between general trading and stock day trading is that business is transacted during the day with stock day trading. The positions available for trading are not held over night, business has to be conducted or traded in that one day.

In the early days only financial institutions such as banks had access to stock day trading for the simply reason that only these financial institutions were given access to the stock market and stock market data. Modern technology has now made it possible through the Internet for individual investors to have access to all the information contained in the stock exchanges for their stock day trading activities. Furthermore individual investors can benefit from the same low stock day trading costs once exclusively enjoyed by the big financial institutions.

There are also several different styles for stock day trading and day trading in general, that way a stock day trading investor can find a style unique to his or her personality and investing needs.

One of these stock day trading styles is short-term trading. In this style, the stocks are only held for a few hours at most and could be held just a few minutes necessitating action to be of the utmost importance. When the stock day trading is done within a minutes like this, it is called scalping. The technique used here is known as tape or time and sales. Decisions in this style of stock day trading are made quickly as the investors watch the movement of the stocks. The investors will get to see a scrolling list of the prices and the action as it unfolds in this form of stock day trading.

On the other hand stock day trading, which is done within a few hours is known as trend trading. In this style of stock day trading the trades are followed by using charts and sometimes indicators of the trends that are presented; upward or downward in movement, whether they are long trades etc.

Counter trade trend trading is a form of stock day trading on short term trades done in the matter of minutes using the current trends as a buy or sell indicator. They too are decided upon, by charts and indicators of the current trends in the stock movement. Range trends done in stock day trading will be done in a few minutes as well. The key factor in the range trading style of stock day trading will be to examine the range of the stock looking at upward, downward movement, and sideway trends as well.

Stock day trading is very competitive and popular among professional investors, individuals, and commercial investors as well. The key factor is that all positions must be closed by the end of the day.

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