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Tip of the Day Stocks are High Risk, High Reward

Stocks are High Risk, High Reward - Stocks when used properly and taken out on a long-term basis usually return more than more investments in dividends, although are really risky...

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Stock Market Charting Software

According to John Casteele, "The stock market can be a great tool for making money, provided that you are willing to give it the time and respect that it deserves. There are a number of software options available which can help you with this, letting you track stocks as well as updating you with real-time stock prices and giving suggestions based on your trading habits or the recent histories of certain stock picks."

He goes on to say, "Begin your search on the Internet. As the majority of stores aren't going to keep a large variety of stock market software in their inventory, you will be able to find a much larger selection online. Visit online investment sites to see if they have any recommendations for stock market software as well."

This last bit is so logical, it's almost frightening. "When you have found several different software options, make a list with their names and prices. Leave room by each one to be able to list their most defining or useful features as well. Once you've added the main features of each of the software titles you'll be comparing to your list, take the time to search for professional and amateur reviews of the software. List the prevailing opinion beside the features, as well as any shortcomings or bugs that the reviewers mentioned so that you'll have a better idea of how the software will work other than just what's listed in the official description."

The number of software companies out there that seem to promise you'll become a virtual Charles Schwab using their program to assist you with your investment activities is nearly legion. The number that are actually useful to the average person with an average understanding of the stock market and average computer skills is somewhat less.

One type of stock market software keeps track of a stock's growth potential, helping you decide whether or not to sell or hold onto the stock. The fundamentals of the stock are tracked and processed to calculate stock movement.

Yet another type of software is designed exclusively for the short-term investor. Allegedly, using them you'll find yourself assisted in choosing the right stock for quick increases, allowing you to take the money and run. A greater number of day-trader or short-term investor stock-market software requires you to choose the stock, then it analyzes its movement, showing all sorts of curves, dips, and spikes without explaining what those mean. Hmmmm.

So read up and ask around before buying stock market software. You might very well decide you can get along without any as long as Charles Schwab did.

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