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Tip of the Day Get A Rewards Card

Get A Rewards Card - A rewards card is always a good option if you need a credit card. These no-fee hassle reward cards allow you to charge each...

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Stock Market Quotes

Most stock market quotes you get on the Internet are not live quotes. Most stock market quotes are about 15 to 20 minutes old. One way to get real time quotes is to sign up for a premium account with your online brokerage website. If you have a free account, you will get delayed prices, most likely. If you don't know where to go to get real time stock market quotes, it can be a little frustrating. Any online marketing website owner that publishes real time stock market quotes has to be licensed by the stock exchange companies to do so. In other words, any site you go to that publishes real time stock market quotes has to pay for their right to do so. Look for the time on the quote.

If the time on the page is not the correct time, the quote on the web page is a delayed quote. Some websites have a disclaimer that informs the user that the stock price quotes are not in real time. For instance, if you go to a Free Real Time website, you can get a quote by looking up the company you want a stock quote on. You plug in the symbol for the company and click on "GO" and you will get a stock quote; however, the time at the bottom of the page is about 3 hours delayed. In order to get a real time quote you would need to pay for the service.

Stock market quotes can be a little confusing to read, if you aren't familiar with them. There are 12 columns in the stock market quotes page. On the quotes page you will be able to see the high and low stock prices for the week in columns 1 and 2. The company will be listed in the column 3. Column 4 lists the symbol that represents the company. Every company has its own symbol. For instance, the symbol for Google is "GOOG." Column 5 lists the dividend paid per year for each share. Column 6 lists the annual percentage of return per share. Columns 7, 8, 9 and 10 contain the price/earnings ratio, trading volume, and the daily highs and lows. Columns 11 and 12 contain the closing price and the net change. Everything you need to know about stock is on the stock market quotes page.

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Any site you go to that publishes real time stock market quotes has to pay for their right to do so. Look for the time on the quote.

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Definition of the Day Guaranteed Stock

Guaranteed Stock - Guaranteed Stock is common stock certificate or preferred stock certificate with dividends guaranteed by the insurer of record. The common stock certificates or preferred stock certificates guarantee gives the stock certificates a much higher value. The value translates into a higher...

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