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Taiwan Stock Exchange

The Taiwan Stock Exchange can be found in Taipei, Taiwan. The Taiwan Stock Exchange was established in 1961. The Financial Supervisory Commission, the government body also located in Taipei, Taiwan, regulates the Taiwan Stock Exchange. In 2007 the Taiwan Stock Exchange had 703 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of 664 billion dollars. In order for a company to list on the Taiwan Stock Exchange they must meet all financial and operational requirements before sending their application to be reviewed by the Securities Listing Review Committee for consideration. If approved at that level, it is then submitted to the Securities and Futures Bureau for the final approval. Once approved the newly listed companies will pay the fees and commence submitting their quarterly reports to the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

The Taiwan Stock Exchange also supervises the conduct of the companies and investigates unusual circumstances as part of their overall functions as a regulating body. The Taiwan Stock Exchange provides industry information to securities market through the Market Observation Post System.

The Taiwan Stock Exchange is devoted to developing new products and in 2003 it began dealings with warrants. The Taiwan Stock Exchange listed securities now include: stocks, convertible bonds, entitlement certificates on convertible bonds, government bonds, call warrants, put warrants, beneficiary, and Taiwan Depository Receipts. Investors can order their securities by Internet, the telephone or by fax. The Taiwan Stock Exchange uses the Securities Borrowing and lending System, which provides fixed-rate transactions, competitive auction transactions, and negotiated transactions.

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation and Merrill Lynch hosted the Taiwan Technology and Beyond conference on March 17, 18, 19, 2009. This investor's conference was one of the largest ever, with listed local, international and professional institution investors in attendance. Some of these senior executive guests and attendees came from over 110 Taiwan and foreign countries representing financial, high tech and other traditional industries. In addition, the Taiwan Stock Exchange and Merrill Lynch conference attracted 400 international institution and fund managers. Over 3,000 one-on-one meetings were scheduled with investors from well-known companies all over the world. The Taiwan Stock Exchange has been in decline since the world global economic recession and the conference was a joint effort to attract new foreign business.

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Once approved the newly listed companies will pay the fees and commence submitting their quarterly reports to the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

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