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Today Stock Market

Today Stock Market trends do appear awfully bleak in this bearish market but does the today stock market reflect the great crash of 1929? The today stock market has been called the second largest slump since 1929 but is that true or is it heading quickly becoming just as bad? The question on many investors' minds and the general public at large is are we heading into another great depression or are the harbingers of doom jumping the gun just a tad too soon? What can we extrapolate from the 1929 crash and the comparative today stock market?

Though economic historians cannot seem to agree what actually caused the 1929 crash no more than they can accurately predict what is happening or will happen in the today stock market, one thing that was certain prior to crash was that market had enjoyed a rather booming six years and no one thought it would end. The prevailing attitude of the day was the stock market and economy was invincible and everyone from the small time investor to huge conglomerates were investing all they had. The today stock market on the other hand facilitates the total opposite feeling with investors and the general public. The today stock market is very unpredictable and like the great stock market crash of 29 the today stock market situation is of global proportion.

The elation that was the 1920's took a sharp downward swing beginning in October when the Dow Jones had dropped by 17 percent .in the very first week alone and then fell by 35 percent before the month was out. There was no bottom insight. The today stock market has been plummeting. Some people foresee a bottom in sight and the subsequent upward movement of the today stock market. Yet others do not see a quick upward movement for the today stock market. Though the perceived bottom did come on Nov 13, and the economy appeared to be picking up, there was mass panic in 1930 prior to the great depression, waves of people ran to take back their money (bank runs) and several banks were closed. Today stock market trends are causing panic among investors, as we see large corporations such as AIG needing major bailouts, and the decline of the auto industry and the real estate industry are all contributing to the panic in today stock market on Wall Street. Investors are cautious; perhaps too much so and for them the recovery looks bleak or rather slow within the today stock market.

The today stock market is showing much of the same pattern that was presented back then. The analysts are following the Dow Jones index with caution. Is the today stock market showing a "dead cat bounce" where the Dow Jones plummets, then appears to be recovering and plummets to the lowest levels once again? There is reason to be concerned about the today stock market. However, technical analysts do not agree if the today stock market is mimicking the 1929 and subsequent market trends. Since 1981 there have been a series of bubbles and bursts in the today stock market. But will the today stock market predict another depression or, give us false hope? Again with the volatility of the today stock market no once can really tell for sure.

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