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Toronto Stock Exchange Quotes

The Toronto Stock Exchange to begin with is a subsidiary of the TMX Group, Inc. This is and has been the largest stock exchange in all of Canada dealing with stock trades from around the world. Countries from around the world readily invest in a market that is on the climb and reaching new thresholds every day.

Though they list many varieties of stocks on the exchange market the main course of interest is with the mining sector, the gas sector, and the oil sector. The stock exchange quotes trade daily and remain consistent with the other surrounding countries that are trading and investing in the Canadian treasury, building a nest egg of sorts for the later leaner years. This is a very wise investment by any country standards.

Although the Toronto Stock Exchange began in 1852 it was not officially an incorporated entity until 1878 when the Legislative Assembly of Ontario drew up the act to formally express recognition. In 1934 they merged with the Standard Stock and Mining Exchange and became the robust entity was well on it way. The stock exchange quotes in the beginning funded through the mining, gas, and oil stock trading but they have spread their wings and incorporated many other entities from around the world.

Today they are the largest stock exchange to deal with the utility fuels with the largest gathering of investors from around the world. The exchange today also has a listing of the various exchange-traded funds, the split share corporations, the income trusts, and the investment funds. They still remain the leader of the mining, the oil, and the gas production sector.

The stock quotes are simply the exchange rate of the daily stock market which does fluctuate. Some of the sectors that are active participants in the stock exchange are the following:

Utilities, consumer staples, and health care

Telecommunication Services, financials, and industrial

Consumer discretionary, materials, and energy

The information technology sector

Through the computer assisted trading system or CATS the Canadian exchange which established in 1977 Canada moved into the automated trading system. This one simple move afforded the freedom to further expand and trade more in both volume of stock certificates and the rapid pace of which stocks are up for trade at a much more efficient level. This one-step has brought the Canadian exchange into the forefront and on solid ground once in view of the entire world.

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