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Buy Through Your Favorite Airline's Partners Merchant Store - There are many companies these days who services many of the airlines and offer frequent flier miles, no matter which of...

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Tsx Stock Quotes

The Toronto Stock Exchange is the third largest stock exchange in North America and the largest in Canada. According to a history of the TSX found on Wikipedia, "The Toronto Stock Exchange likely descended from the Association of Brokers, a group formed by Toronto businessmen on July 26, 1852. No official records of the group's transactions have survived. On October 25, 1861, twenty-four men gathered at the Masonic Hall to officially create the Toronto Stock Exchange. The exchange was formally incorporated by an act of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 1878."

The TSE grew constantly in volume and in shares traded, except for a short three-month phase in 1914 when the TSE was closed down for fear of financial alarm due to World War I. In 1934, the TSE combined with its biggest competitor, the Standard Stock and Mining Exchange. The new market chose to keep the name Toronto Stock Exchange. In 1977, the Exchange began using CATS, or Computer Assisted Trading System, which is a computerized trading system for the quotation of less liquid equities.

On April 23, 1997, the TSE's trading floor closed. It became the second-largest stock exchange in North America to choose an electronic or virtual trade environment. In 1999, the Toronto Stock Exchange announced the selection of Barbara G. Stymiest as the new President & Chief Executive Officer.

After a decision to shift their focus, Toronto Stock Exchange became Canada's only exchange for senior equities trading. The Bourse de Montr?al (known in English as the Montreal Exchange) took over responsibility for trading derivatives. The Vancouver Stock Exchange and Alberta Stock Exchange combined to create the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX), managing trading in junior equities. The Canadian Dealing Network, Winnipeg Stock Exchange, merged with the CDNX, along with the equities portion of the Montreal Exchange.

The TMX Group leads the oil & gas sector on a global level. More oil and gas companies are represented on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange than any other exchange in the world. As of the end of the day on June 30, 2007, there were 434 oil and gas companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange, with a total market worth of $544.9 billion.

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