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Average Tax Preparation Fee

As tax preparation prices are not static, finding the fairest or the cheapest is difficult. Typically, the persons who undertakes tax preparation services decides the price after looking at the complexities they have to go through when preparing the particular tax returns. If the tax return has many intricacies and complex subjects to deal with, they may be inclined to request a higher fee.

However, there are certain methods to decide on tax return prices. According to a survey done by the National Association of Tax Professionals these price arrangements are based on certain assessments. These include, standard set price in accordance with tax forms requested; on consideration of last year's charges and adding an extra amount based on additional tax preparation for this year's requirements; and a set fee and an additional fee for the intricacies of the given tax return. In addition, they are based on the total value and the values for required subjects; hourly rate for preparing the tax return; and a set charge as per data entered.

As tax preparation companies can prepare their charges based on any of these methods, you have to ask the company you selected to give a quotation of their charges for the preparation of your taxes. Nevertheless, when the tax return preparation fee is based on data entered or item wise, then it is enough to know how much they want for a number of letters or words and you can have the linear assumption of the total charge.

According to the National Society of Accountants, its members' average charges for tax preparation are: $205 for 1040-form including Schedule A and state return; $115 for 1040 and state return and $122.12 based per hourly rate. H&R Block's average prices of Franchised Tax Officers are $187.17 per return (2009) and Jackson Hewitt charges $188.96 per return (2008). According to these prices, you can see that there is not much difference from each other and this will show that the average price for tax returns is reasonable

When you discuss fees with a tax preparation firm, don't forget to ask what is included in their total price. In this manner you can get the full scope of their pricing system. Sometimes, they charge for extra copies if you want one at a future date while some may charge a fee for tax consultation on how to reduce taxes. Most often, franchise firms charge a fee for audit protection as well. Audit protection is a method paying the costs associated with probable tax auditing on your tax return beforehand. However, you can discuss a fair price with these firms as well just like you do with any other.

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